Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! – By Patricia Justice


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! – By Patricia Justice

As we scurry about shopping and getting our homes ready for the holidays (some of you had your trees up before Thanksgiving, didn’t you…..?), sometimes we just need a few pointers to give our homes that special touch – whether it’s the holiday season or not. So, I’ve put together a short list just for you!

1. HEIGHT If you are placing objects on something like a mantle or other similar places, be sure you have some height so that your decorative items don’t look lost. Varying heights are critical to giving some excitement to a vignette.

2. GO BIG OR GO HOME Scale (height and balance in contrast to room size) is important. Whether putting something on a tabletop or hanging wall art, you need be sure your item(s) fill up the space accordingly. For example, if you have a table, yo want to fill up the length of it as much as will allow but leave enough room for place settings, etc. If it’s a wall, DON’T put a tiny picture over something large like a sofa o place piano. If you want a small picture, use more than one to create a decent collage.

comfort-and-joy-images-1_wm3. TEXTURE Keep a room from being boring by creating varying texture. Baskets, leather, wood and metal bling can really add some punch to a room.

4. FABRIC To make a room have some visual (and tactile) interest, be sure to provide some variety with fabric/texture combined. For example, you can use tulle (what ballerinas’ little skirts are often made of, but can also be purchased by the yard at a fabric place such as JoAnn’s), and you can lay it over-top of something more rustic, such as burlap.

Lastly, themed areas can also give a space some added visual interest. Give it a try!

I always enjoy hearing from my clients – details about their lives and ….their homes; you all are the reason I do what I do…. reach out to me with any home selling, decor, or festive needs – you all are the best! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season, and enjoy – all things Merry and Bright!


Patricia Justice
Certified HSR Pro; Member RESA
Founder, Triangle Trendsetters

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