How Can I sell My Home Faster and For the Most Money? – By Patricia Justice

Many people often ask this question when getting ready to sell their property. I, too, asked this same question when preparing my own home to  sell. Many of us, including myself, lost equity when the housing market crashed several years ago, and we want to fight to get as much as we can out of our home when selling.

Times have changed, the market has changed, and home buyers are being much more selective. The truth is, almost all potential buyers are looking for a turn-key home where it is move-in ready!

So, I have put together a short list for you to refer to in order to get your home sold fast and for top dollar!

  • Find a savvy realtor. Interview your potential realtor and ask them how will they market your home? Will they use social media along with real estate show and type postings? Search online for that realtor’s listings – both sold and current. See what those photos look like, and ask yourself … would you want your home to be represented by them?
  • If you price your home too high to begin with, you could very possibly hurt yourself. The longer a home sits on the market, the more people wonder what is wrong with it. Sit down with your realtor and look at comparable homes that have sold, and see what qualities those homes had, how they looked, and how they were priced. Look closely at those listing photos. Also, you can ask if there are certain “search windows” people look for in certain price ranges when searching. You want to be included in a window.
  • What condition is your home in? How old is the roof and heating/cooling system? What condition are the appliances in? No one wants to move in and then wonder when the HVAC system will break, or if the roof or appliances will need replacing soon, which will cost thousands. Even having mismatched or outdated appliances can turn potential buyers off. Updating and decluttering can actually bring more value to your home, hence helping it appraise for more!
  • Repair, Redesign, and Repackage. If you have lived in your home more than two years, it can be difficult to view your home objectively. It is time to find someone who can view it from a buyer’s eye and help see what needs to be decluttered, painted, and re-packaged for a potential buyer to see it as a “new” product. A trained, professional home stager can help with this process, so that you don’t put money in areas you don’t need to. They can offer anything from a consultation to assess what needs to be done, to strategic ways in getting your home re-packaged to look like a new product. The cost of making that investment in a professional home stager is often less than that first price reduction, along with those carrying costs of maintaining the mortgage and utility payments.
  • Be willing to invest in the proper marketing and goals set by your pros. Trained professional home stagers know what buyers are looking for, and an expert stager knows how to appeal to the demographic market for each home.   Updating homes, making recommended repairs, curb appeal tips, furniture flow, editing furniture, design and layout is what a trained pro can help you with. Meeting those goals prior to listing is critical, but we can also get the home looking great if it’s already listed.

No question is too small. Reach out to us, we understand all those concerns in getting your home market ready!

Patricia Justice, President of Home Staging by Patricia is a published author, certified home interior specialist, and down-to-earth individual who loves to make people feel comfortable with the process of selling, downsizing, and understanding how to reach those goals where everybody wins! Founder of Triangle Trendsetters, Patricia and her team understand each property has its own unique features and demographics, and use their expertise and attention to detail to appeal to the buyers searching in your location.

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