2017 Southern Ideal Home Show

My featured room at the Southern Ideal Home Show along with a few other highlights…

Quarterstaff Property

This gorgeous home was a complete gut/flip.  Clients knew the importance of great marketing/home staging.  One potential buyer saw this home online with the professional staging and professional photos, and, sight unseen, only with having seen the pictures, fell in love with the property and made an offer within a few weeks!

Stancliff Property

This was an occupied staging project.  The client was totally on board, and understanding the value of investing in great staging to make their home stand out above the competition, also made recommended purchases.  Home showed extremely well, and there was an offer for full price within a few weeks!

Warwick Property

This adorable home had some beautiful renovations.  An quaint Cape Cod, perfect starter home, client chose a very basic staging package.   Correct pricing was critical as well as investing in home staging.  These two elements combined helped get this home sold quickly.

Eyrie Drive Property

This luxury home was a beauty to showcase, and many custom-built features were highlighted.  Although this was a mostly vacant home, there were a few furnishings still in the home that were incorporated into the staging job.


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